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About Us

LetzDemand Just what you want!

Buyer First

LetzDemand.com is a 'buyer first' marketplace where buyer can post a requirement for whatever product or service they want. Buyer will receive guaranteed response from genuine and verified seller's.

Quick Access

Automatic and hazzle-free account creation without filling-up cumbersome registration forms. What more? You may use your existing Google or Facebook account to login into LetzDemand.com.


LetzDemand.com is very easy to use and will be made available on almost all platforms. Our team is working hard to provide smartest user experience than ever.

Dedicated support

We consider customer support as an important part of our core business values and our team is available 24*7 for you via chat, email or calls for any help that you may need. We value your time and will revert to you within 24 hours.


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Guaranteed response

Guaranteed responses from genuine and verified seller's.

Save Time

No need to spend your valuable time searching for seller's. Just post your requirement and seller's will get in touch with you.


Instant notifications.

Save money

Mention your budget in post and get matching responses.

Demand anything

Get responses from all types of seller's, service providers, freelancers, qualified technicians, employers and many more.

Unlimited customers

Explore millions of opportunities prospective customers from all over the world.

Grow your business

Grow your business with us by exploring contact details and requirements.

No advertisement cost

No need to invest vast sums of money on advertisement to get enquiries from various buyer's.

Promotes Entrepreneurship.

We provide same level platform to all the seller's to connect buyer's.

On the go

Contact details of multiple buyer's at your fingertips and convenience.

Why choose us

Read what's the exact need for another classifieds website while there already exists a lot of local search engines to make bridge between buyer's and seller's.

Many have successfully argued that in the game of local search engines, There is already a monopoly as they provide genuine enquiries to only their paid users.

There's no place for buyer's on existing local search engine provider's listing.

Why should buyer's always contact seller's and waste their precise time negotiating with highly demanding seller's?

How it works?

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Contact us

For more info and support, contact us!


+91 8956842118