Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of describes the personal data/information given by the buyers, sellers, customers, clients, etc.

The data/information placed on the site is secured on the servers.


Information placed on the is strictly confidential and will not be allowable to possess any external company or firm.


The available information which placed to view by users is displayed to the customers while the information placed on the servers will not be disclosed to the third party vendors for their use.


The information placed by the users on sites (on willingness) cannot be retained back from the servers at any cost/case but can activate or deactivate the posted information for public view.


The information may be supplied /given to the government authorities/administration bodies as per the laws and orders regulated in purpose of system governing/ public affairs/rules and regulations associated for the smooth functioning of the system.


The information published on the site/server may lose/viral due to any technical issues/problems, company will not be responsible to give the root cause analysis and will not be responsible for data loss in that case.


The information placed or the demands placed by the users, company have the authority to give the advertisements on their posted demands.


The information placed by the users may be shared to another user (Only the displayed information by the user).


The information placed on the site by the users, company will not be responsible for the information whichever posted for public affairs, religious faith, aggressive feelings, riots, etc at any circumstances.