Terms & Conditions


  1. The term www.letzdemand.com is the website or the platform or application which is been used for the clean business development or business dealings or asset requirements or demanding’s between both the buyers and sellers.


  1. Letzdemand.com is the collection of the online resources which include the advertisement posted by the buyers/customers/requester/purchaser/consumer on the site which in return are viewed by sellers/vendors/dealers/retailers/business persons/traders.


  1. As per the rules and regulation of the “TRAI”, the promotional messages would not be received by the DND activated mobile customers but customers or buyers or seller whenever they login/demand/initialize for the further processing of the program/work they would receive an OTP message, which customer has forced himself into the way/path for both the security of the seller/buyer/customer and company. However company would not be responsible if in case OTP is generated to other mobile phones even though by mistakenly by the customers.


  1. For login procedures for posting of the advertisement of their demands/goods/material/requirement customers has to receive text messages or emails and process the OTP generated. However these company norms are necessary and restricted to and important for both the customers and company policies in view of security purposes.


  1. The buyers and sellers listed on the platform are registered to the platform itself and company will not be responsible for dealings taking/taken place or personal lookouts between both the sellers and buyers.


  1. According to the platform norms whenever the advertisement posted by the buyer /seller would not be avail instantly to be displayed on the platform or view for the sellers/buyers but company would analyze for the genuine advertisement posted or depends the decision in the favor of company for displaying of advertisement of buyers/customers or sellers listed accordingly.


  1. Advertisement posted by the seller/buyer whichever type of sort/brand/sample/group/category on the platform; company would not be responsible for behavioural procedural acts under any circumstances.